Lionel Messi Set to Join Inter Miami: MLS Club Lands Argentine Superstar, Outshining Barcelona and Saudi Arabia

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The MLS Lands the Coveted Lionel Messi, Outshining Barcelona and Saudi Arabia

Messi training with Argentina national team at Inter Miami Facility ahead of 2022 World Cup
  • Lionel Messi’s Impending Move to Inter Miami Marks a Milestone for MLS

Lionel Messi, the soccer legend at 35, is close to signing with Inter Miami, a major moment for MLS. Speculation has surrounded Messi’s future, pointing toward a move to the United States.

MLS’s Creative Pitch to Secure Messi’s Signing

According to The Athletic, MLS presented a creative pitch. Apple offered a share of revenue from new subscribers to MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+. Additionally, Adidas, in collaboration with MLS since its inception, proposed a profit-sharing agreement, having partnered with Messi since 2006.

Transition from PSG and Barcelona

After two seasons at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi will officially leave the club. Financial constraints led him to explore new opportunities, bidding farewell to his beloved Barcelona.

Impact of Messi’s Arrival in MLS

With a recent World Cup win, Messi solidifies his status as one of the greatest players. He fulfills his desire to play in the United States, potentially reuniting with former Barcelona teammates at Inter Miami. This signing is expected to surpass David Beckham’s move to the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007.

MLS: A Thriving League with Promising Prospects

While the level of competition may differ from Europe, Messi sees MLS as a growing league. He envisions potential future club ownership, akin to Beckham’s contract.

As Lionel Messi prepares to join Inter Miami, MLS secures a historic signing, surpassing Barcelona and Saudi Arabia’s offers. Messi’s arrival in the United States marks a monumental chapter in his illustrious career, elevating MLS to new heights.

Transitioning to Miami not only fulfills Messi’s professional goals but also provides much-needed stability for his family.

Leaving Barcelona abruptly meant uprooting their children from their home, school, and friends, while facing harassment from fans.

However, residing in Miami offers a renewed sense of calm and familiarity for Messi’s family.

With an existing Miami home, they have a place they can truly call their own.

The city’s significance as a beloved vacation spot further strengthens their connection to the area.

As Messi gears up for the Copa America and 2026 World Cup, representing Argentina, their Miami home provides a comforting base.

It allows them to establish stability within a supportive environment they already know and cherish.